Because if you’re going to hire me, you want to know I’m good at it…

“Extremely informative presentation delivered by Nikki who is obviously passionate

CEEFC 2018

about what she does. Thanks!”

“Great session. Really wonderful insight and I’ve been a community fundraiser for 9 years”

“I thought Nikki was very likeable and an excellent speaker. I don’t do corporate fundraising but Nikki held my interest and I learned a lot. I came out of the session understanding how I’d set up corporate fundraising, which I think is incredibly helpful for organisations who haven’t done it before. There were clear starting points, strategies and pointers to engage with corporate and move them along the pipeline. I much prefer the sessions where they break things down properly and explain how it’s done, and how you can apply it to your own work – which I think Nikki did very well.”

“I loved this presentation. So many fantastic tips that will be of huge benefit. Nikki held my attention the whole time – thanks Nikki”

“Engaging and fresh – great tips and one of the best sessions ever”

“Amazing, funny, personable key points well covered – I’m looking forward to following on Twitter!”

“Listening and learning from Nikki’s own experiences was incredibly useful as I came away with so many quick, easy, and free wins I can apply to my day to day when building relationships – I can’t wait to put it all into practice!” – Relationship building workshop, The Children’s Society

“Nikki’s workshop was a great way to introduce self-shot video on smart phones – I never realised how easy it could be! Thanks Nikki for sharing your knowledge and experiences.” – Self-shot video workshop, The Children’s Society


“Nikki provided us with consultancy time to undertake a fundraising review of our unrestricted income to identify opportunities to build more successful fundraising activities. Nikki was incredibly approachable and had a great deal of positive energy. Nikki provided expert insight into community fundraising activities and offered precise and practical recommendations the charity could take forward.

Nikki was able to gain the trust and confidence of both staff and Trustees to have meaningful discussions about the future of our fundraising activities. This allowed the final review presented by Nikki to be truly reflective of the different stakeholders within the charity and also externally, our supporters. We really appreciated all the help Nikki provided and feel incredibly fortunate to have benefited from her expertise.” Children North East, Newcastle

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