How to Use Clubhouse App

Just as your organisation was getting comfortable with Facebook marketing, along comes a new app to explore.

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media site that allows users to host or join conversations for interviews, chats, and panels.

For anyone who was pre-teen in the days of calling the radio station in the hope of being brought on air, the vibes (and nerves) are similar.

For any younger readers think Twitter, but with a voice.

With no recording, video, or status updates it’s fast becoming the way to get noticed, learn, and network.

So how do you get onto Clubhouse App?

And when you’re there, what do you do?

How to access Clubhouse App

At the time of posting, Clubhouse is only available on Apple.

Android users watching everyone post about what they heard on Clubhouse.

Not only that, but you can’t just download and register. To set up an account you need to be invited by an existing user who only has two invites to dish out; unless they jump in and use the app where they’ll be rewarded with extra.

Who will be their chosen invites? It’s giving me Myspace ‘Top Five’ anxiety just thinking about it.

How to set up a Clubhouse App profile

With Clubhouse’s no recording, chat, private messaging or status updates, there seems to be a relaxed vibe to following and connecting with strangers, colleagues and friends – good news for growing your network.

Whoever you follow is likely to follow back and participation in talks is guaranteed to boost your follow count.

When you join the app you’ll be asked about your interests and receive recommendations of people you should follow. With your permission it links up to your contact book to find people you already know.

I’d recommend doing this to get you going; with no status updates, likes and sharing it’s not as easy as other social profiles to come across people randomly.

To grow your following make sure you

  • fill in your profile as soon as possible
  • link your Twitter and Instagram accounts
  • upload a photo – if you link your Twitter account you can pull your information across from there
  • view the profiles of fellow Room participants and follow the ones you’re interested in
  • get involved with Room topics that interest you
  • host your own Room – one-off, regular, and themed chats do well on the site
  • promote your Room on other social media sites
  • start a group

Top tip: Set notifications for users you know to be told when they’re taking part in or hosting a room. That way you can get started in a comfortable setting with people you know.

Taking part in a Clubhouse Room

Jumping into Rooms is the best way to get comfortable with knowing how to participate in Clubhouse conversations. Watch and listen to what other people are doing and adapt to what’s right for you and how you want to take part.

You won’t be brought “on stage” (this is what it’s called when you’re given access to speak) unless you request to speak or are requested to join by the host – both of which you have control over so you’ll never be caught by surprise.

There’s a little graphic below to tell you more about this.

You’ll be given plenty of notifications of conversations happening and I recommend joining the topics that you feel most comfortable with so you can get started with participating.

Keeping notifications on for Clubhouse is a good way to miss anything, but I can sense it’s an addictive site so make sure you set timers so they don’t disturb you out of hours.

When you log in you’ll see a list of current or upcoming chats Clubhouse thinks you might be interested in.

Tap on the Room you want to hear more about, stay in the audience and listen or tap the hand icon to request to speak, and leave by tapping the ‘leave quietly’ button.

Top Tip: When you’re on stage and a fellow speaker says something awesome, mute and unmute your mic quickly – this is Clubhouse’s version of a virtual applause!

How to start your own Room on Clubhouse App

Hosting your own Room on Clubhouse is key for building communities and getting you and your brand noticed.

Popular hosts can create groups and regular talks that other users can set notifications for if they’re keen to hear more from you.

To be a popular moderator and have people look forward to your Rooms, be sure to

  • reference listeners, preferably by name, and invite them to join in
  • give air time to as many speakers as possible by posing questions to individuals
  • shut down speakers monopolising the chat or self-promoting too much
  • encourage diversity and make sure all speakers are given equal speaking time
  • keep an eye on profile photos: users who want to remain ‘on stage’ but have stepped away from their computer may set a ‘BRB’ photo to show they’re not available
  • re-introduce yourself, the topic, and other speakers every thirty minutes so new listeners know what’s happening
  • keep speakers on-topic and reference back to your Room theme where possible

Top tip: Selling is a no-no. Invite friends or colleagues who can big you up as an etiquette-friendly way of promoting what you do.

To set up your Room and notify others when it’s taking place follow these steps:

To invite people you know to join your Room when it starts tap the ‘+’ button.

How to add or remove someone from the stage

As a moderator you have control over who is ‘on stage’ and able to speak. Invite participation by inviting people by name and requesting familiar names to get the conversation going. You can tap on a listener’s profile to find out a little more about them without leaving/shutting down your Room.

Listeners can request to join you on stage if they’re keen to share and add to your topic.

You can see and approve requests by tapping on the hand and list icon.

How to create a Club (Group) on Clubhouse App

Clubs are great for building communities so if you’re a business or charity you’ll want to do this and host your rooms in one place to start building a following and credibility.

You have hosted three Rooms before you can start a group so getting stuck in and comfortable as soon as possible is highly encouraged! Use the tips above to help you.

The secret to Clubhouse success is getting started and to keep going – and with no recording or video to hold you back I think you’ll find it a lot easier than you think.

I predict that once the app is released to the public and user numbers and Rooms grow, the lack of FOMO and exclusivity will remove some of Clubhouse’s allure and popularity.

So the question is, is it worth your time?

The more you put into Clubhouse the more you’ll get out of it. Do you have the time or mental capacity to allow another app to infiltrate your day?

Only you can answer that.

And depending on your goal for using the platform you could be excluding a huge portion of your audience. At the time of writing Clubhouse App isn’t compatible with screen readers and doesn’t have subtitles.

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