#DonorLove Celebration Part IV:Turning Annual Reports into Annual Delighters, the Agents of Good Way

John doesn’t know I’m doing this because if he did, he’d probably tell me not to because he’s wonderfully modest like that.  But how can we co-host a donor love celebration and not include the heartwarming ways that Agents of Good help charities engage with their supporters?

Today’s celebration is a simple one as the document below speaks for itself.  In John’s words,

“This GR (gratitude report) was the result of some great work by our client – the amazing Sarah Lyon of ALZ Ns.

She wanted us to do it but was open to the direction we suggested.

Our objective was simple:

  • Create a gratitude report that is filled with donor love, thanking donors for their incredible support!
  • Share a story that demonstrates donor impact—how donors make the ALZ NS programs possible
  • Help donors feel inspired by the crucial role ALZ plays in the community, and how donors are at the heart of that.

From the start, I knew I wanted this to feel like a part of a person’s life. A sticky, tactile, vibrant, curated photo album. Something created JUST for the donor who was holding it in their hands. The ultimate expression of UN-DESIGN… the best examples of #donorlove ALWAYS look like it was created with someone’s hands and heart…and this is an expression of that.”

Click the image below to read it yourself.


Why I love this:

  • Just because you “have to do it”, doesn’t mean it has to be bland
  • Notice it’s called a ‘gratitude report’?…
  • Every communication is an opportunity to surprise & delight
  • You want to read it again and again; how often have you had that with charity letters?

We’d love to hear your examples of showing donor love.  Whether it’s hand-written cards, improvements to stewardship and processes or personal interactions like these, let’s celebrate the ongoing work of amazing fundraisers and charities delighting donors on a daily basis.  Read how to enter here (there’s a cash prize for the best!).  Closing date November 30th 2018.

Thank you to Pamela Grow for the original content on this blog.

And this isn’t an elaborate way to fix the prize money; John isn’t eligible to win, but I wanted to make sure he knew how awesome he is!

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  1. Wow, that is an amazing gratitude report!!! All the feels, something to inspire to for sure. Thanks for sharing.

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