FREE Skills Training for North East Charities

Are you a fundraiser looking to develop skills outside of your role?  Are you a manager who’s interviewed the most wonderful relationship builder, but they’re not Microsoft savvy? Or perhaps you’d like to keep your learning sharp but your organisation doesn’t have the budget to support this?

Then I have good news!  My pals at Gateshead College have £7.5m of funding to provide local organisations with skills training & courses such as:


  • Events Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Team Leadership
  • ICT skills
  • plus much more!

Visit their website to find a course that’s right for you and register your interest.  Classes can be scheduled for your charity if you have more than 10 people you’d like to send along.

There’s no catch; Gateshead College provide the venue, training and trainer so we’d be ackas* to miss it!

Funding is available until July 2018 so act today.

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*ackas – daft


5 thoughts

  1. Superb post Nikki. They don’t seem to have anything for video storytelling… Do you know anyone there I could sound out because putting a course on where people don’t have to pay to attend is my holy grail…

      1. Perfect!
        I’ve since sent an email to their generic inbox, but that’s a bit like sending a carrier pigeon.
        So an intro would be fabulous.
        Let’s hope it’s a better response that the one I keep getting (!) from one of my local University’s “Creative” Short Course programmes where the chap keeps telling me that showing people how to use video creatively “isn’t possible”. If the other (proper) University hadn’t asked me to run regular courses for their staff and students, I might have worried!
        I’m looking forward to meeting you all and seeing where our event leads too!
        I know your hands are tied a bit, but the early bird ticket runs out on Feb 7th. Is there any way we could give it one last push with that Promo Code CHARITY for £20 off?
        THANK YOU!
        4 tickets sold so far. So that’s 8 mugs of coffee each…
        Sounds good to me…

  2. Hi Nikki,
    This looks like an amazing opportunity, are all of the courses listed available to charity workers? I’m unsure which one to click onto for leadership?
    Best Wishes

    1. Hey Rachel, all courses are available for all so great to expand beyond your usual role. There’s a development link down the left hand side but have a look through all in case there’s more you like, you’re not limited to how many you can do


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